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This garden looks very sad. The screen made of dark wood along the right boundary of the plot and the monotonous planting of evergreen trees give little joy. There are colorful flowers and a comfortable Seating space. The lawn could also tolerate a fresh cure.

Easy-Care Shade Bed
You don’t have to completely remodel the garden to make it look more appealing. First, in front of the garden shed, a rectangular area is paved with large, light floor tiles and brick tiles. This brings brightness and offers enough space for a red-painted seat group. A red-leaved fan-Maple, feather bristle grass and pink petunias in pots frame the seat.

In the border along the wooden fence, the evergreen yews and rhododendrons look dark. The Yew in the middle is strongly decayed and is replaced by a false cypress with yellow needles (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Lane’). There is room for colourful flowering plants in the gaps. The existing shrubs are underplanted with red Spears, blue Stork beak and the yellowish white comfrey blooming in spring.

A yellow flowering Honeysuckle climbs up the wooden fence. With their steel-blue frosted leaves, sparks attract attention. The forest Honeysuckle, up to 150 centimetres high, rears up impressively in front of the shrubs.

Floral idyll in rural style
For our second design proposal, a small bed is laid out in front of the garden shed. Pink ‘Rosarium Uetersen ‘ flowers there tirelessly. Rose Cavaliers such as Bellflower, lady’s mantle and catnip accompany you. A narrow gravel path leads past this new bed to the rear garden exit.

A rose arch made of steel, spans the path. The single-flowered purple climbing rose ‘violet blue ‘and the White large-flowered Clematis’ Otto Fröbel’ tend to the sprouts upwards. In the rebate in front of the wooden fence, the old yew tree is removed. This creates a small paving surface with a bench. The cream-white climbing rose ‘Lykkefund’ can spread here on a rose arch and ensures a romantic atmosphere in early summer. In the Beet-growing perennials such as Foxglove, lady’s mantle, Catnip and Nodular geranium your natural charm spread. The white shrub rose ‘snow white’ also brings Freshness and perennial flowers in the discounts.

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