Map of English garden – The Full Wiki

Map of English garden – The Full Wiki

The paths of a farmer’s garden are not only practical, they also fulfil an optical function. A strictly geometric and usually also symmetrical PATH system holds together the apparent jumble of vegetables, flowers and herbs. The way of the Cross is considered typical of the farmhouse garden, it divides the Square Garden into four beds. The four-division of the garden area has the advantage that a regulated crop rotation can be observed. Heavy drinkers, medium drinkers, weak drinkers and location-faithful cultures can keep them clearly apart. In addition to the way of the cross, there are many other ways to create garden paths. You can make the main paths diamond-shaped in relation to the perimeter fence or make the outer frame path round or oval. The most important thing is that you stick to the geometric System.

In the Bauerngarten, the paths are usually not sealed. The easiest option is open ground or a lawn path. A path made of fine gravel looks a bit tidier and still looks natural. Bark mulch is also often used. Its untreated tannins also reduce weed formation. Clinker or natural stone coverings are also suitable for large, representative Farm Gardens.

A bed enclosure not only brings peace and order to the farmer’s garden bed-it also prevents the cultivated plants from spreading on the paths and weeds from crowding between the vegetables. Particularly popular are book covers. But be careful: especially the popular edging book Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa ‘as well as the variety’ Blauer Heinz’ are vulnerable to the boxwood shoot Death, which has been occurring strongly for several years. The fungus called Cylindrocladium buxicola penetrates the plant through the leaves and kills it completely over time. A good boxwood substitute is the robust evergreen hedge cherry (Lonicera nitida ‘may Green’).

Flower bed borders made of upholstered plants such as carpet phlox, blue cushion or stone herb are particularly pretty. You have enough space, you can also use lavender as a border plant. Who would like to save the maintenance effort for a living bed edging, can of course also simply use wood. Boards, beams or logs with upright edges are suitable.

Plant selection for the farm garden
Since one has not defined oneself in the garden literature what actually constitutes a farmer’s garden, there are also infinitely many variations in the selection of plants for the farmer’s garden. The shape and size of the garden is certainly important. Fruit trees were not planted in the beginnings of the farm gardens, they stood outside on a meadow. Today, of course, they belong to it. They are placed either on the edge of the garden or just a tree in the center. Most High-STEM fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry, plum or Mirabelle are suitable for this purpose. Berry bushes also do not have a long tradition in the farmer’s garden. But since they are easy to care for, can provide a rich harvest and at the same time serve as hedge delimiters, they are perfectly suitable.

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